Our Services

Metalheat Limited offers a full Heat Treatment Service, guaranteeing the highest quality of client service and satisfaction.

We ensure that we work to our clients unique specifications to deliver tailor made, innovative solutions to enable our clients to meet their objectives.

We provide a range of services to help you with your

■  Technical advice
■  Furnace and local heat treatment services
■  On site service/ field services/ offshore services
■  Provision of technicians
■  Pre heating and hydrogen release

■  Stress relieving/ post weld heat treatment (“PWHT”)
■  Repair, service and calibration of equipment.
■  Annealing, normalising and quench and temper
■  Hire and sale of equipment and consumables
■  Rope Access Technicians

Annealing/ normalising/ quench & temper
Pre heating and hydrogen release
Personnel & equipment hire
Repair and service
Stress relieving/ PWHT